Queerness & Christianity

This is a list of all posts from my extremely popular series on bisexuality, queerness, and Christianity in 2015.

Coming Out Bi, my personal coming out story.
Why I Came Out, twelve reasons I think coming out is important.

Defining Bisexuality and Queerness, a look at all the labels about sexuality and gender and what they all mean. Ace? Cis? Pan?
What Do You Call Yourself? The reason labels other than 'Christian'--wife, writer, engineer, bisexual--are still important.

Mini-series on what the Bible says about sexual orientation and gender, and how we put Christ's model into practice.

Sex in the Courtroom, a guest post by Tim Fall. How a judge deals with his Christian beliefs in the courtroom when asked to sign off on a sex change.

There are Christian Allies and We are on Your Side, a guest post by James Prescott. Bringing an end to the series with an encouraging message for all my queer brothers and sisters.