Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Thin Woman Gains Weight

Today I'm guest-blogging on Walking It Out.


So many articles and vlogs have titles like that. They're followed by a deluge of derision, praise, and censure. They make me uncomfortable, even if I agree with whatever point the author's making.

I've always been on the narrower end of the body scale. I come from slight-framed people and I have a host of food issues--severe hypoglycemia, super-tasting, and a finicky stomach--which keep me smaller. It's nothing I've done: it's my genetics. On the flip side, it's only happenstance that I live in a time period where being a lower BMI is a good thing. This makes me culturally lucky. I don't have to try so hard to meet common standards of beauty.

But it's wrong to assume only larger women are affected by our Western craze over skinniness. Being thin leaves me in constant fear of losing my status and desirability should my body decide to change things up on me...

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