Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why We Change

Do you ever wonder why people buy Apple products? I do, on a regular basis. Why are they so successful in creating a cult following when most of what they put out was already out there? It's not new, it's not easier to use, it's not even personalizable. So why does everyone buy Apple?

Why are some rallies so successful while others are not? Why can we get lots of people behind one humanitarian cause and very few people behind another equally-worthy cause? 

Where do you learn how to maximize reach and effective communication? How do you turn people's passion for a cause into action? This is what we call branding. Effective brands get people moving. But nobody with an effective brand is telling how they did it--either because they're too humble/busy doing good things to even admit they have a huge human base working beside them or because they're too proud and insecure to share their secret.

Until this TED Talk with Simon Sinek:

It all comes down to the power of belief. People don't buy products, they buy ideas. Companies are usually about profit, but when they make themselves about a core set of beliefs--like Apple and Google--they get this cult-like following of people who buy the product because they believe in the same things. (And, incidentally, the company makes better profit.)

Behavior is driven by beliefs, not by facts and figures.

This is good news for social causes. We already have a belief at our core. But why do people get behind some causes and not others? It's all in how we communicate. When an organization provides information and statistics and links and videos, they're giving you the What without the Why. Even though you and they believe the same things, you're not going to be as moved to act because they're not motivating you.

I find this many churches. They tell me God and I can have a relationship, that there's a big life ahead of me, that I can move mountains. Which all sounds pretty cool, but other people promise me similar goods, and truthfully, I'm not in church to receive a product. Tell me why I should care. The pastors who remind me, week after week, that God loves me even when I feel like crap are the ones I listen to.

That's the message I need to hear, the one that really inspires me. That's what the gospel is all about--not cool programs, not ways to connect, not all these things that can totally be good things but aren't the center. The Why of church is simply that God loves me.

I know it's uncool to blog about blogging to your blog readers, but breaking the fourth wall is the In thing, so here goes. Everything Sinek said applies to the way I blog about sex trafficking. In the past I've given you facts and resources. These are the things that people generally ask me for. But that's not really inspiring.

I don't want to just give you facts. I want to share my passion with you. I don't want to dispense facts to the masses. I want to attract all you like-minded individuals so we can be passionate about human rights and women's rights and all the things together. I want people fighting beside me.

It's been awhile since I've blogged about sex trafficking. There haven't been new facts to dispense. But there is still passion and desire to see girls rescued, to see sex in our culture changed into something good and beautiful and healthy, not this dark, little-talked-of thing that allows so much abuse and rape to flourish in the shadows. That's something I can always blog about. Always.

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