Monday, August 4, 2014

Evil Loses: A Lesson From World War II

Today I have the honor of being a guest blogger at Tim Fall's blog Just One Train Wreck After Another. Tim is a thought-provoking blogger and novelist, and he always has something new to say.


I have a strange fascination with WWII. I'm not the only one. Our society is drawn to the stories of heroes hiding Jews in the basement and of soldiers beating the odds to be victorious. We honor those who died in WWII more than anyone else--even when we, personally, do not have a relative who died in the war.

There are numerous anthologies written about the love stories, survival stories, and miracle stories of those who lived through that period. Even the word 'nazi' is fully assimilated into our culture as an epithet condemning those adhering to inane rules and strict punishments. For that matter, coming down hard on stranded prepositions and split infinitives earns you the term 'grammar nazi.'

Why are we so entranced by a period of such darkness? The whole world was touched by evil. Innocent people were exterminated by the thousands. Some were saved; plenty were not. People lost their freedom, rights, and dignity. Nations had to sacrifice thousands upon thousands of young people to end the oppression.

Why would such a horrible era capture our interest?

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