Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Stuff, More Time

It's a simple fact of life that the more stuff you have to play around with, the less time you have for anything else. Sometimes this is particularly evident: more videogames = more time playing videogames = less time not playing videogames. But it's also evident in all the time we don't take into account: more videogames = more time reading reviews, installing, looking up how-tos, fiddling with specs...

All stuff is like that. More clothes = more time washing and taking care of said clothes. More computerized devices = more antivirus checks and software updates.

I'm currently typing away on a new computer; not new as in it is in fact new, but new as in new to me. It was a friend's desktop for the past few years and now it's mine, replacing my 7.5-year-old Dell laptop that only holds 30 minutes of charge and is a little slow on...well, everything.

Coming into a new computer involves the inevitable file transfer. I already use Google Drive, which automatically backs up all your documents online to your Google account. I've been using it for ages so I can access my writing online anywhere. Now I'm using it to transfer all my documents from one computer to another.

It's very fast. It saves me lots of time.

But it also takes some time to get it started. I had to install Drive on the new computer and make sure everything was syncing correctly. It takes time to save time.

Even though technology runs so much of my life, there's always something for me to do. If technology symbolized God (let's face it, technology is already halfway to omnipotency), you might argue that God makes my life run much more smoothly but there are always things I have to do too, even if it's as simple as logging onto the internet.

That's the balance between what God does and what I do, isn't it? God makes life run the way it's supposed to and I make sure I'm plugged in. People throw around these phrases about how there is nothing that man can do to buy a good relationship with God, everything is on God's end, and yet mankind has to do this and needs to do that... It sounds so contradictory.

Maybe it's like technology. I don't do anything to make Google Drive run. I didn't program it and I'm not about to start. But I did download it. God is like that. He does the work, stretching that impossible spiritual gap between mankind and the divine, healing our wounds, showing us who we really are--all those things that are an infinitely long journey if man undertakes them on his own. But you have to download him first.

You have to actually go to the website and hit, "Download," and then click, "Install." Otherwise, Google Drive is just a cool idea.

Word count: 485.