Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Can Raise an Army

I'm super excited to be a guest today at Bronwyn's Corner! Bronwyn Lea has been a leader and a friend in my life, one of my role models for what godly wifehood and motherhood can look like. She writes fun, deep, and intriguing on her blog. Check it out!

I really wanted to play soccer. So I signed up. Doesn’t sound that crazy, right?

I was 12. Long past the age when kids start soccer. In San Diego, maybe it’s the Latino influence, but everyone plays soccer and everyone starts when they’re 5 years old. Except me.

Oh, and no one starts later than 5 years old. You just don’t. Either you start as a kid and get good by the time you’re old enough to play in real leagues, or else you don’t play at all.

Except me. I wanted to play.

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Ps. Like usual, the post is under 1000 words. :)