Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The One Beautiful We All Agree On

People come in all types when it comes to preferences for the weather.

Some people like dry heat. Some people like wet heat. Some people like no heat. One person likes rain; another person hates it. Some people love watching leaves change color and others would prefer to see the tulips coming up. Someone likes four seasons. Someone else wishes they could've traded places with me and grown up in San Diego, CA, where there is one season: spring.

But there's one type of weather we can all agree is beautiful: snow.

Oh, sure, you might not like snow. It might be inconvenient. Now might not be a good time. It'd be nice if it snowed over there but not here. You'd rather be in work and your kids in school than trapped at home. And no one likes shoveling the drive. I understand that.

But no one says snow is ugly. No one says, "I never want to go to the snow ever in my life." No one would ever agree for snow to go away once and for all and never return (even if they could achieve it without terrible environmental backlash). We want snow, if only at our beck and call--off away in the mountains where we can go to it when we want and when we're ready.

But we always go at some point. We have to see it.

There's something about snow. It's so white. It covers everything. It washes things clean in a blanket of new opportunity. We look out on the world and get a new perspective. It changes our vision and helps us see beyond what we've always taken for granted. It allows us to start over. Fresh. Beautiful.

We need that kind of restart button. A reawakening. A new look on an old world. Things can get so familiar that we stop looking for the wonder in life, and so we stop seeing it... Until snow falls and we wake up in a faeryland. Then we remember, at least for a moment, the awe and delight in life that first captured us when we were children.

I believe we need to be more like children. I believe we need to start believing in magic again: the concept that things can happen and have no rational explanation and that's okay. I believe we need to start seeing the realities beyond reality: that our lives aren't just a humdrum of going to work and home and back, but a tale of battling our inner dragons, playing Robin Hood to those in need, and setting up Round Tables for knights to join together and not be scattered. I believe we need to stop settling for what we're given and start fighting for the good, right, and worthy.

The Beautiful hints at these realities. Snow can turn us back into children.

I also believe we need to stop fighting against each other and start working together. In a world of political parties, science vs. religion wars, fiery tweets and facebook posts, and more and more slanted can we stop fighting each other? Can we find one thing we all agree on?

Why, yes. Yes, we can. We may not all agree that snow is convenient or nice. But we all agree it's beautiful.

Hey, it's a start.

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