Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Nod To a New Year

This new year has begun. Another one of "the teens" has passed and we've now entered 2014.

Holy crap! I still feel like Y2K happened last year. Something historical mentions the nineteen-teens and I think, "oh, so around 80 years ago"! My brain still thinks I'm in the twentieth century, even though I've now spent over half my life in the twenty-first.

Time has rushed by so fast. I graduated college in 2011 for goodness' sake, so you'd think I'd remember how far we have traveled through the "2000s", but even seeing those numbers--realizing that I graduated almost 3 years ago--I suddenly feel very...tired? old? surprised? rushed? I'm not sure. I think I'd be happy just to ignore the year altogether and measure time by experiences rather than numbers. Numbers are never a fully accurate measure of our personal lives.

I was inspired by Ellen Mandeville's guest post on Tim Fall's blog about ringing in the new year--or not. She writes about how in seeking the exhilaration that the last day of the year was supposed to give her she did some rather dangerous things before finding that the best exhilarations were the quiet beauty of watching a new year dawn in colorful silence.

Well, I've never been tempted to speed my car on new year's or do anything else crazy, but I like the idea of not having to stay up late. So last night we watched a movie and went to bed when it was done. I remember seeing the clock register 11:30 before I dropped off, so I wouldn't have had long to stay up, but I just didn't feel like it. And, luckily, new year's isn't a mandatory holiday.

While my husband enjoys the holiday by sleeping in, here I am, where I love to be best: at my desk, watching the sky outside my wide window grow bluer and bluer and the grass wake up from its frozen dead sleep. What better way to appreciate what the new year has to offer than by basking in its infant glow?

And of course, I'm doing what I love to do best: reading a good book and writing [a hopefully good book]. What a better way to ring in the new year than doing the things I love? 

And, too, why not get down to all those resolutions first thing? I know you have some; the new year seems to pull them out of people. They usually look the same: lose weight, like my job, be nicer to my family. Right? Well, I'm going for the achievable this year and so I only have one: to finish my book.

And why wait? The new year is here. Might as well get started. Maybe if we start our resolutions today, we'll accomplish them before we run out of steam for once. Or maybe starting them today will give us more steam to run on. Maybe that's the real magic of new year's day: that if we can get ourselves to start today, we'll have the strength to get ourselves to the finish line.

Come on dawn, let's finish this.

Word count: 524.