Saturday, November 30, 2013

Real Stories: Sources and Resources

I promised to give you a list of my sources and here they are. I have listed a brief description by each one. Below that you'll see a list of organizations which are helping in various ways in various areas. These are the ones that I personally recommend; there are of course many more. At the very end is a list of a few good documentaries I recommend, from 2 hours long to 10 minutes.

References & Articles: for more information.
  1. What Is Human Trafficking? Short video and article by Manna Freedom defining trafficking and giving a glimpse of its spread and effects in the world today.
  2. 55 Little Known Facts About Human Trafficking. A great list of statistics and facts, all with references.
  3. From Victims to Victimizers: Interviews with 25 Ex-Pimps in Chicago. A study by the DePaul University College of Law on pimps. The write-up is short and to-the-point with details, statistics, and quotes from pimps.
  4. "To Fight Poverty, Invest in Girls." TIME magazine article about how investing in women has been proven as the best way to fight poverty and increase the welfare and happiness of people around the globe.
  5. "The Fight Against Sex Trafficking: Still an Uphill Struggle." A very good article by NOMAS (a pro-feminist, pro-gay men's organization) about how the laws are changing and still need to change, both federally and in different states.
  6. "Illinois Legislature Passes Bill to Reform Human Trafficking Code." Another article about the legal side of abolition, written by End Demand Illinois.
  7. Sacramento Rescue & Restore: Resources. A government-compiled list of resources, organizations, and statistics - including federal surveys and what the government is doing to fight trafficking.
  8. Child Trafficking Statistics. Stats on the global market for the buying and selling children.
  9. "Virtual Girl Dubbed 'Sweetie' Snares Thousands of Would-Be Sex Predators." An article on the ingenious ways some researchers are using technology to snare predators who buy online time with little girls who have to stand naked in front of a webcam and perform sexually.
  10. "What's the Big Deal About Breastaurants Like Hooters." A well-written opinion piece about the larger sexual dysfunction issues faced by Western culture and how we create a world in which violating women and valuing them by their body parts is okay.
  11. Passion 2012 - Do Something Now. A list of facts and resources, many of which are listed here in this post. This is where I first heard about trafficking.
  12. "Missing The Mark: Why The Trafficking Victims Protection Act Fails To Protect Sex Trafficking Victims In The United States." Short research paper on problems in the current legal system; stories of and statistics about victims in the U.S.; and suggestions for how to change things for the better.
  13. The DOL's List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor. On the more general human trafficking front, this article lists products that have been definitely cited for the use of forced labor.
  14. Domestic Violence Statistics. The American Bar Assoc.'s compilation on general domestic violence statistics. Domestic abuse is a problem that goes hand-in-hand with the culture of rape, child sexual abuse, and sex trafficking in America.
  15. Human Trafficking. The National for Victims of Crime's factsheet, complete with citations.

Resources: how to get involved.
  1. Urban Light. An organization that helps boys rescued out of trafficking in Southeast Asia.
  2. Hagar International. Establishing safe homes for women in Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Cambodia and helping to both rescue and restore.
  3. Exodus Cry. The organization that made the Nefarious documentary (see below). They have a list of great ways to help out right where you are.
  4. Tiny Hands. Rescuing, building homes for children, raising awareness. They sell jewelry made by survivors of trafficking; all proceeds support victims and survivors.
  5. Night Light International. Also sell a wide variety of products made by and supporting survivors of sex trafficking. Focus on empowerment of women worldwide, including teaching rescued women useful trades.
  6. Courage Worldwide. A Sacramento, CA, organization who are working to set up safe homes that offer comprehensive services in any place on the globe that does not yet have a home. So far they have Courage Homes in California and Tanzania and are seeking to open one in Hawaii. They are also involved in federal policy-making, raising awareness, and starting The Response Sex Trafficking Summit.
  7. "Take Action: 7 Ways to Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking." An article by the Daily Muse about seven ways you (yes, you) as a normal person can get involved.
  8. Shared Hope International. A globally-recognized and highly-acclaimed organization who are working on all the fronts to stop human trafficking, including work to halt the demand side with the men-instigated Defenders campaign. They have worked alongside Obama's task force to stop human trafficking and helped to create a system to grade states' efforts to stop sex trafficking.
  9. MISSEY. A California Bay Area organization who seek to prevent sex trafficking before it happens by helping vulnerable youth.
  10. Hookers for Jesus. A gal rescued off the streets of Las Vegas turned around to help women just like herself. They minister to women on the streets and have created Destiny House in LV as a safe home for women.
  11. Virginia Beach Justice Initiative. An organization working the greater Hampton Roads area to fight sex trafficking. They network with other organizations to rescue, raise awareness, prosecute, provide services, and (hopefully) open a safe home, which will be the first in the state of Virginia.
  12. Prostitution Research and Education. An organization founded by highly acclaimed therapist and researcher Dr. Melissa Farley to do measured, scientific research into the issue of human trafficking and verifiably prove what methods of rescue, counselling, prevention, and prosecution truly work and which do not.
  13. "The Fight for Freedom: 7 Organization Combatting Human Trafficking." An Daily Muse article listing seven good organizations who are involved on various sides of the fight for human trafficking. 
  14. Slavery Footprint. On the general front of human trafficking: they have done extensive research into the supply lines of thousands of products. Taking their survey tells you approximately how many slaves' labor is involved in making your life how it is. (For instance, approximately 24 slaves work for me.)
If you live in a locale other than the few listed above (Sacramento, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Hampton Roads), check out Love146 to see if they have a chapter in your area. If you live in the Atlanta, GA, area check out the A21 Campaign.

  1. Nefarious: Merchant of Souls (by Exodus Cry) - must find or host an official screening, 2 hours
  2. Sex+Money Film (by Sex+Money) - must find or host an official screening, 1 hour
  3. Freedom Film (by 268generation) - free to stream, 36 minutes
  4. Stop Web Cam Child Sex Tourism (by Terre des Hommes) - free to stream, 10 minutes