Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blogs in Review

During this month of NaNoWriMo-ing, I am not able to post as often as I usually do. I've only scheduled five posts to come out over the month of November, so if you get listless and want some good reading, I thought I'd provide you with my recommendations.

You all know I keep a very minimalist lifestyle. I only read what I want to read (although I'm still always in need of book recommendations). As such, though there are a lot of great blogs out there, I have tried to keep my readership down to just a few. Consequently, I only consistently follow these bloggers, and I consider them to be among the best.

  1. The Minimalist Mom
    What it's about: documenting her family's minimalist lifestyle, being car-less, making your own soap, using cloth diapers, making decisions easier, etc.
    What I love: she is creative, humble, and real, and her solutions are things that real people with little time on their hands (i.e. you and me) can actually do.
  2. Small Notebook
    What it's about: tips to simplifying your life, home, and home business, including the psychology of being owned by your stuff or your busy schedule and how to escape it.
    What I love: her section on how to look good with few clothes is fantastic. Her posts are short. She also wrote the e-book Simple Blogging that is superb.
    *She hasn't been posting much recently, sadly, but her latest post explains why (beautifully!).
  3. Bronwyn's Corner
    What it's about: life. With humor and wit and insight. (Kinda like my blog, you know.)
    What I love: Her posts are short, and always meaningful. Most of all they're relatable. Plus I love that I know this gal and the context behind her posts!
  4. Uncovering Sex
    What it's about: sex, sexual abuse, sex questions from singles, how to talk about sex, God's view of sex...
    What I love: she deals with a lot of good issues and topics. She's open and honest about it all, with a healthy outlook on it and good tips.
  5. View Along the Way
    What it's about: the eager, childlike, hilarious story of fixing up and beautifying their house, from painting the walls to painting pumpkins.
    What I love: her sense of humor! Between that and her humility, I feel like I'm listening to a friend, and so her DIY projects don't scare me like most of the pseudo-professional-decorators in the Home Decor blogosphere. She inspires me to get off my butt and do these easy things that make a big difference and make me really proud of myself.

That's some personal stuff about the kind of person I am! I told you what I love to read online; now it's your turn. What are your top favorite blogs to read? Include the link(s) in your comments so I can check them out!