Friday, July 5, 2013

The Moving Saga, Part IV: Second Trip in the Heat Wave

(Read Part I, Part II, and Part III.)

I was tempted to call this "Too Much Stuff." It's true, we had too much stuff for the space we had in the vehicles. It wasn't really a result of having too much stuff; as newlyweds we don't have much, and since I'm the throw-out-stuff-every-3-months type, we don't have a ton of crap. In fact, it's probably amazing that we fit all our stuff in two sedans, small u-haul trailer, and (twice) a large truck, especially when you leave room for 6 people and a guinea pig.

We knew when we left the first time it wouldn't all fit. We packed it in, though. Man, we packed it in.

We arrived on Tuesday night as planned, spent Wednesday unpacking boxes into the barn, and took off again on Thursday. We spent Friday packing and cleaning. Luckily the rain was gone, but in its place we got not just heat, but a heat wave. Apparently it hit all across California; Death Valley almost made a new record. It was 110 degrees in Davis, so you were pretty much sweating when you walked out the door, and definitely sweating as you carried boxes out.

Somehow, miraculously, we drove back down again on Saturday, finally done.

The necessity of the second trip ended up being a blessing in disguise. As anyone who has rented knows, you must clean extensively in order to get your security deposit back in full. And moving is not a clean thing. There were mud and bits of cardboard everywhere. Not to mention that the window ruts, screen, and blinds needed a good dusting; the fridge needed to be scrubbed down; and the oven needed a deep-cleaning.

I did most of this while the hubby packed the final boxes and filled the truck's extended cab; we've found we work best alongside each other on different tasks. By the end of the day, the apartment smelled strongly of mint and disinfectant. But it was clean! And I had the typical sense of accomplishment I get from cleaning, which always leaves me with a warm glow and sore arms.

We packed the truck bed the next morning. We got up around 6 and finished at 10, at which point we realized we hadn't eaten a thing.

IHOP pancakes are the best reward for moving.

Well, it's all done. What an adventure! This is actually not that abnormal for my husband. Things like this tend to happen to him. Last summer he had a job out in Philadelphia and you have to hear his stories to believe them! Like the story of the bike. Ask him when he's in a good mood and when you want to hear a long, long story.

But you know, I enjoyed it. It was exciting, like a book. You never knew what was going to happen next. Will our characters face rain or heat? Will a swarm of flesh-eating bees descend on the town in the next episode?

The whole time, as thing after thing went wrong, I just kept laughing. Which is awesome that I didn't instead fall apart, as I could easily see myself doing. I'm glad that my joy held out. And I'm also glad that we made it through some of those pitfalls and learned that we can survive them. It's the unexpected in life that makes it a good story, and it's how we react to the unexpected that proves what kind of character we are writing ourselves in as.

I'm back now, to email and blogging and work. It'll take me awhile to catch up, so thank you so much for your patience. In the mean time, does anyone else have a good moving story to share? I love getting your comments!