Friday, July 5, 2013

The Moving Saga, Part III: Too Much Water

(Read Part I and Part II.)

So everything was going well. We were "sleeping" on an air mattress and using portable toilets and showers hooked up to a fire hydrant, which kind of felt like camping, and camping is always fun. The whole house was packed up in 2 days--which sounds impressive until you realize that we only lived in 2 rooms.

Monday, the day before we were supposed to leave, it started to rain. The men strained away through the rain (a nice relief, truth be told, to the Davis heat) and got everything packed into cars, but we still had the truck bed to fill with stuff...if it stopped raining. If it didn't, we would have to postpone leaving for another day. The forecast didn't look good; 80% chance of rain all day.

We agreed to get to work at 6am and leave as soon as possible; but if it was raining at 6am, we would just wait until it stopped; and if it didn't stop by 9 or 10, we would hunker down for the day.

I was not excited about the 6am thing. I wasn't sleeping well on the air mattress and we were sleeping 9-10 hours a night anyways because we were so exhausted. By this point it was too late in the evening to get that much sleep. Well, it had to be faced, so I faced it.

At 6am, it was still pouring outside. "Hooray" went through my head in spite of myself. We rolled over and slept in til 8am, when the rain began to lighten up. We showered and dressed just in case, and hubby's parents drove the trailer over to wait and see. Sure enough, when they got to the complex, the rain had abated, though we didn't know how long it would underneath those grey clouds.

The men were amazing. They packed the truck bed in record time, with us women carrying boxes down the stairs and the men taking it the rest of the way to the truck. Oh, did I mention the stairs? We lived on the second floor. This was on purpose; I didn't like the idea of being on the first floor in a (slightly) less safe section of town where people can break in more easily. Of course, it also means you can't move out as easily. But praise God for strength--we managed!

It was packed up and tarped-over in a couple of hours (during which we got water back!! and got to use our own toilet!!), and we took off. And sure enough, the rain started up as we pulled out of the parking lot. Thank you, Lord, for that bit of dry sky!

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