Friday, July 5, 2013

The Moving Saga, Part I: No Water

Well, we moved. Phew. We're out of NorCal and temporarily in SoCal (Southern California) in my husband's hometown until we sort out jobs and move somewhere, hopefully out of state. He's had some interviews, etc., so now we're just waiting--and resting. We're just glad he's done with grad school and has the big MS!

The week before moving, I called off any work-related engagements and focused on hanging out with dear friends and packing boxes. I was so eager about the former that I sort of neglected the latter: I hung out with 12 good friends within 5 days and only packed 3 boxes! (I got all the super-delicate stuff packed, which was a relief.) Saturday night, my in-laws were coming to help us pack, so I wasn't too stressed on the whole that it would get done.

Friday we spent a day in San Francisco enjoying the city one last time. It's unlikely we'll be back--save for weddings--for a very long time, if ever. We saw the sights and generally enjoyed some mild weather whilst avoiding the 100-degree heat that is typical of Davis in the summer.

Saturday we Ran (in my case, walked) for Courage (a benefit fun-run for Courage Worldwide), and followed it up by a day at the lake with our home group (i.e. adult/family biblestudy). It was the home group's final meeting before summer, and it was so good to see people who have come to mean so much to me in a very short time. And we got to kayak, which is one of my favorite things to do!

We came home sweaty, lake-y, and sunscreen-y and had dinner with the in-laws. We got back to our apartment around 9pm ready to shower and sleep for a loooong time. On our way up to the house, we notice a hillside near the building that was leaking; water was coming out of the dirt and forming little rivers. We got to the apartment and I went to get a drink from the faucet: and there was no water.

It turns out that a 10-inch water main had just broken. The apartment manager, poor guy, was running around at 10pm putting notes on people's doors explaining the situation. Water workers were there late into the night digging a big hole and trying to fix the problem. Exhausted, we fell into bed without showering, brushing teeth, or going to the bathroom (hopefully the water would be on next morning in time for us to shower before church). I didn't care if the sheets got dirty; hub had run out of clothes anyways, and it was laundry time.

The water was not on in the morning. The notice on our door explained that it would probably take a few more days, although they weren't sure, but that they would have water bottles to give out around noon and that by that evening they would have portable bathrooms and showers set up in the parking lot.

I frantically called friends and one friend was able to offer us her shower--praise God! I told her about our laundry/lack-of-clean-clothes situation and she told us we could use her washer that afternoon if we wanted. Hooray! All was not lost...just seriously set back.

Clean and happy, we went off to church with hub's parents. Phew. We survived without water. We can do this!

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