Sunday, July 28, 2013

Retired and Extremely Into Guns

"You haven't killed anybody in months!"

The second RED movie is out. And it's extremely dangerous. Between crazy fight scenes between old guys and lots of explosions, the characters pull out their usual armory of hilarious quotables. 

If you saw RED 1 (RED: Retired, Extremely Dangerous), all of this is expected. The idea is that some old guys who used to be secret agents have since retired and are trying to live normal lives. But the past just keeps catching up to them, especially since they're too good at what they do (killing people, that is). We get to see Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and some others beat up young guys like Karl Urban (in movie #1) and Neal McDonough (in movie #2) and generally save the world.

Helen Mirren makes a great sniper. These movies are hilarious, especially if you like movies typical of Bruce Willis (like Die Hard); but after seeing the new one, RED 1 remains my favorite. The plot flowed better in the first movie; RED 2 tried to tackle a little too complicated of a plot without enough time or explanation, and it can leave the audience slightly confused at times. Instead they focused more on what the movie was known for: guns and one-liners.

Still, it kept me in my chair, and the backstabbing and alliances among different characters were unpredictable and kept me always guessing who was friend and who was foe. Anthony Hopkins played a great impression of a crazy genius, and I was surprised to see Marvin (John Malkovich) acting so sane--comparatively.

The relationship issues between Frank (Willis) and Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) were funny to watch, revolving as they did around guns and safety and killing people, but there was an aspect of humans' general difficulty with relationships that rang true. Replace the "guns" with something else and it might be an argument between two people you know. And it was great to see a non-agent kicking butt in an...uncommon way.

Over all, it's worth seeing for those who like non-serious action/spy movies with lots of guns. If your favorite Bruce Willis movie is Over the Hedge, however, I suggest you see Monsters U instead.

"Please tell me that's a stick of dynamite in your pocket."