Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Novel Achievement

I did it. Today, I made it to 20,000 words on my novel. I remember looking down and seeing the numbers in my word count field: 20,008 Words. Wow. So many words. So much heart poured into this labor of art. And now I am perhaps one third of the way through it.

This is a big achievement for me. I have certainly completed works that are longer than twenty thousand words. My current manuscript reaches 38 pages, but I have finished a few stories that were 40, even one that was 60. This book will be at least 100 pages when it is finished. (And 100 pages in 8.5 x 11 translates to a lot more in your typical size book.)

I'm so proud of myself for keeping it up. I've always wanted to write novels, of course. But the problem with spending the first however-many-years of your life in education is that you don't have big chunks of regular time to commit to large projects. Life changes so much, your personality changes so much, and your workload changes so much that nothing is consistent enough to be a novelist when you're young. This is probably a good thing; you need some experiences with real life in order to have good content, and time can tends to improve your writing style.

So now I'm finally old enough and free enough and whatever-else enough to actually apply myself to this goal of writing a novel. Another milestone has been reached today, and the goal seems so much closer. I write because I love writing, and it's not the publication that I'm most looking forward to: it's seeing my beloved story all wrapped up nicely with everything ended. Finishing the work. Something about that is just so satisfying.

50,000ish words to go. Bring it! With hard work, I can complete the novel and hopefully publish it before 2013 ends. This would be most apropos because it's set in 1953 a few months after the Queen's coronation (celebrating 60 years as of two days ago on June 2). I started this book in 2011 after graduation, and picked 1953 because it sounded like a nice number. But now it's given me a deadline to work for! So excuse me while I ignore my blog sometimes and go work on my novel :)