Monday, February 25, 2013

Old Posts Taken Down: Here's Why

If anyone is looking back through my archives, you'll see my posts get sparser and then peter out in February of 2014.

I first started this block in February of 2013. (This post has been back-dated to the blog's start date.) Over 50 posts between 2013-2015 have been taken down.

I've changed a lot since then, and some things I wrote in the past I don't believe anymore--and actually offend me.

In 2013, I was still in the closet to myself, lying to myself about a lot of my identity, insecure, and still suffering under the effects of a certain abuse which left me afraid to be honest in a couple areas of life. Maybe one day (I hope!) I will tell you the story. There have been changes to my relationships since then, too, not to mention my writing and the tone of this blog.

I did not take down the old posts to be disingenuous with you. But I will not propagate views which are offensive to me on my own site. Some I will edit to remove the offensive material while keeping the heart of the post intact; others' central theme is offensive, and those I will not be re-posting.

I cannot erase things I believed or said in those years of fear, but I do not need to re-trigger myself.

I'm grateful for my path, and grateful to have grown.